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Representation and Lobbying

Apart from Washington D.C. – the world capital of lobbying, nowhere else in the world are so many interest groups trying to obtain influence over political decisions as in Brussels. And there is no important trade association which can afford it not to be present on spot.

While some want to know everything that happens in Brussels, other would like to meet key officials involved in the decision-making process or just need an address and a telephone number in Brussels.

At the same time it is impossible to successfully represent interests on EU level without having long-year experience and established contacts. Euro P.A. addresses your needs and offers you the best solution.

Many companies, associations and institutions in different sectors want to avoid the large costs of setting up an office in Brussels.

For this reason Euro P.A. offers a tailor-made solution. Our agency takes over the tasks of a contact office in Brussels. Our clients choose the set of services they need from our wide service range.

A reasonable part of many communication strategies is the organizing of events targeted at particular public. In doing so, selected representatives of political, economic and social groups have the chance to get to know each other and exchange information. Especially informal occasions offer favourable opportunities for a successful interest representation.

In addition, our representation and lobbying service can be matched with and supplemented by individual PR instruments

Thanks to our vast experience in dealing with European institutions and excellent contacts with the decision makers, we can successfully represent our clients in Brussels and provide them with privileged access to the EU legislative processes.

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